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March 2018

IT Tips When Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad for work is always a stressful adventure. While employees are excited to see new countries and experience different cultures, they are heading on the trip for work purposes. And that involves meetings, conferences, and other important tasks that cannot be ignored. Going abroad for business reasons also means carrying multiple electronic devices. A person may have one or…

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5 steps to automated your IT processes

Automation is changing the way businesses operate, and IT departments are not an exception. IT process automation, or ITPA, is a concept that allows for the automation of IT tasks through integration of tools, people and processes – all in a single workflow. Why Automate IT? IT automation can take many forms. Whether it is cloud storage management, service provisioning…

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Benefits of Hosted Email

While businesses have many options available for free email accounts, these services do come with risks. It is one thing to have a personal email account on a service like Gmail, but using such services for business purposes is not advisable. As you evolve your business, you will begin to see what an important role email plays in your operations….

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How secure is your business data?

In the early days of the internet, hackers would get into networks and websites to show off their hacking skills. Now there is real money involved in these hacks. Whether the hackers are getting into networks to steal funds, or information they can sell, they can do some very real damage if they do get in. The data that your…

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