How secure is your business data?

By March 10, 2018IT Security

In the early days of the internet, hackers would get into networks and websites to show off their hacking skills. Now there is real money involved in these hacks. Whether the hackers are getting into networks to steal funds, or information they can sell, they can do some very real damage if they do get in.

The data that your company is collecting and saving on the cloud is so important to your future. If that data were compromised, it could have a fatal impact on your company’s reputation and future. It is so important to keep your business data secure. Most businesses think they are doing a good job, but they have gaping holes in their security setup. How can you ensure your business data is secure?

Security Audits

The first step is a security audit. You cannot take proactive measures unless you know where the faults lie. Work with a professional IT company that provides auditing services. They will send someone to assess your network, and they will perform a series of tests to see where the vulnerabilities lie.

Every aspect of your company’s IT infrastructure must be checked. Physical and cloud data storage and backup solutions, computers, workstations, laptops, smartphones, printers, scanners and any other digital device that is connected to the company network. When the assessment is complete, you will get an idea of where the faults lie in your system.

Encrypt Data During Backups

Most businesses are aware of the need to encrypt customer data when interactions are occurring. For instance, if a customer logs into your website and makes a purchase, their data is encrypted. However, companies do not realize that when backing up said data, it could get intercepted by hackers. It is important to encrypt all data before it is backed up, ensuring it is away from prying eyes all the time.

Talk with Your Staff

Companies are vulnerable to sophisticated hacks. But most of the cases involving data loss or theft resulted from an employee who acted negligently. Your staff must be aware of the important role they play in keeping the network and company data secure. Conduct in-house training to show them how to securely log into and out of devices, and talk about security measures when they are accessing the network remotely.

Hire a Top IT Firm

The best way to create a solid IT security system is by hiring quality professionals to do the job. When your security audit is completed, you will likely receive recommendations from the company on how to proceed. Listen to those recommendations, and allow them to implement security measures as advised.

Not only can IT firms ensure your data is secure, but they can also protect your physical devices and the entire network. They can also arrange a disaster recovery plan, which ensures that you have measures in place to keep your data secure and online if something were to happen to your office location.

Use Two-Factor Authorisation

When employees are logging into the company network, especially remotely, enabling two-factor authorisation can help a lot. As most hackers enter company networks remotely by using password hacking tools, enabling two-factor authorisation would keep them out.

A hacker would need to get their hands on the code that is used as the second step in authenticating a user. These codes can be sent as text messages, emails or through small devices like key fobs.

Given how much business is done online, and how much data is stored on physical servers or the cloud, it is important to understand how to keep this data safe. Companies can enact these solutions to keep their business data safe.

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