How effective are managed services?

When it comes to hiring an IT service provider, or requesting specific services, we often hear the word managed services mentioned. However, many businesses are still not sure what managed services means, or how effectively an IT company performs them.

Managed services imply that a business is offloading all its IT operations onto the service provider. This third party is now tasked with ensuring the IT infrastructure, network and backups at a business are operating properly 24/7/365. Whether they offer support remotely or in-person, it is the third party’s job to ensure everything is running properly.

Managed Services vs. Break-Fix Agreements

The old-school way of dealing with IT issues involved waiting until something broke, and then calling an expert to fix the problem. For instance, if the data backup server stopped operating properly, the company would contact their IT partner and have them come take a look at what is going on. Such a philosophy was acceptable when IT played a minor role in business operations.

But the way businesses operate has changed. Even small and mid-sized businesses rely heavily on technology for their operations. Adopting a break-fix mentality is not good enough, as it leads to far too much downtime. It could be hours between a system shutdown and someone from your IT provider coming to assess the problem.

Going with managed services eliminates this issue. When a company is managing your IT services, they are 24/7 monitoring every aspect of your network, servers, website and other components. Not only do they spot problems the second they occur, but they are always troubleshooting, updating and performing routine maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Instead of having to wait hours for an IT fix, you would only wait minutes. Some issues are nipped in the bud by remote technicians before anyone on your end even realizes there was a problem. That is the type of efficiency associated with managed services.

Will Managed Services Cost More?

Many businesses are excited about the prospect of someone else dealing with their IT network and infrastructure. But they are worried about the cost. Is it a lot more expensive than having a small in-house IT team, or relying on break-fix agreements? The answer is no.

Managed services are a lot cheaper for businesses than break-fix agreements or having dedicated IT experts on the full-time payroll. When we consider the gained productivity, the cost is even less.

For instance, we could compare the specific amounts being paid each month to a managed services IT company, versus a provider that operates on a break-fix basis. The figures would be very similar. But even if the managed services cost a little more, we must take into account the productivity your company is gaining.

Much Less Downtime

The downtime associated with break-fix agreements costs companies a lot more money than they assume. When your entire network is down for hours, you are losing productivity and real sales from customers. That cost is a lot higher than anything a managed services firm would charge you in a given month.

Knowing that your IT issues are resolved within minutes, and you can take any IT problem to your managed services provider, is invaluable. You are paying a flat rate each month, and you are getting assistance for every IT issue under the sun. A managed services provider will even assist you in upgrading your IT equipment, or offering advice on what equipment to buy.

Managed services offer reduced IT costs, far less downtime, 24/7/365 monitoring, and technical expertise at a knockdown price. Businesses can now focus on running their company, instead of worrying about IT issues.

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