IT Solutions

A down-to-earth approach to your IT Solutions

TeQ Features

Multi-layered Network Security

Staff today increasingly access their organisations’ applications and data from different locations, different computers, and even different mobile devices. At teQwise, we have extensive experience in delivering highly secure, flexible and consistent remote access solutions, engineered to support the widest range of connectivity options, endpoints and platforms, in line with your changing and diverse accessibility needs.

Flexible Work Environments

Our secure, remote-access network solutions ensure that your employees can link up to your organisation and access critical data outside of traditional hours and from any location, boosting productive work hours. Staff members may be equipped to work from home, and contractors to work externally, potentially reducing the number and size of the office facilities required for your operations.

Stability and Security first

We use dynamic password technologies on event-based and time-based two factor authentication products, including options for challenge or response on SMS tokens. These security options prevent password hacking, and constitute one of the simplest and most effective ways in which to lock down your network and safeguard intellectual property.

Adding an SMS security token will give your system an extra level of security and send temporary one time use passwords through SMS to authorised users. It is fast and efficient and can turn your mobile device into its own token, bringing further security in your business.


We get to know your business

You don’t run a generic business, so we won’t offer generic solutions. We will take the time to learn what makes your company tick. We’ll gather in-depth understanding of your existing systems and processes and how these impact your business. We’ll pay attention to what works well – and what doesn’t.


We help your business become teQwise

We’ll devise and talk you through your jargon-free plan to create your Worktopia in the cloud. We’ll be transparent on the pros and cons of the proposed solution and collaborate with your team to manage the changes.


We get you up and running

Leave it to us, we’ll manage the whole process from the initial system set up to the moment we push the big green GO button. Best of all, all this happen with minimal disruption to your business.


We’ve got your back!

We will provide a single point of contact for your entire cloud solution. Our local staff will take care of all your staff IT onboarding needs and are always available for support. This support includes dealing with partnered vendors on your behalf and addressing any unexpected technical challenges so your team stays fully productive. Mmmm sweet productivity.

Let’s create your teQwise workplace!

Want to get in touch with one of our specialists? We can review your current systems and help provide you features that will most benefit your business in a cost-effective way!