The Future of the Connected Office

Our world is becoming more connected to the internet and technology with every passing year. We look at smartphones, virtual reality and smartwatches as cool gadgets that people use to communicate, consume media and have fun. But new technologies play an even more important role in the business world. Companies are becoming more connected, and new tech only speeds up…

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Benefits of Hosted Email

While businesses have many options available for free email accounts, these services do come with risks. It is one thing to have a personal email account on a service like Gmail, but using such services for business purposes is not advisable. As you evolve your business, you will begin to see what an important role email plays in your operations….

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Best WIFI practices for your business

If your business is in the process of redesigning or implementing a wireless network, you may be wondering how to keep things secure and running efficiently. It is an important question, because you do not want to have someone breaking into your company’s network using the WiFi. Not only could they get into the network, but they may gain access…

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