Five Ways to Boost Workplace Productivity

By March 20, 2018Networking

Whether your business is struggling to meet its financial goals, or you are starting a new business and you want to figure out how to get the most from your workforce, productivity tips can help a lot. Here is a look at five ways to boost workplace productivity.

  1. Encourage Positivity

If someone is happy, it stands to reason they will put in a better performance at work. If they are miserable or upset about something, their productivity will suffer. Often, the loss of productivity from unhappy individuals is accidental. They do not even realize it is happening, but it will impact your company negatively.

Lead by example, and encourage other top members of your company to do the same. Maintain your standards, but encourage an atmosphere where people are positive and encouraging with each other.

  1. Take a Hands-Off Approach to IT

The IT department has become such a crucial element of every business, because we rely on computers, networks, servers and software to do our jobs at an ever-growing pace. That means problems with the network or specific workstations will cause your employees more disruption than before.

Instead of letting your employees fix IT problems on their own, which will drastically lower their productivity, hire an IT firm to take care of these things. By partnering with an outside IT firm, you can receive managed services for all your IT needs.

They will take care of your network, data backups, workstations and software upgrades. They provide remote and in-person assistance when you need it. And most importantly, your employees can now focus on their jobs, instead of worrying about how you use a specific software or get their computer working again.

  1. Allow Regular Breaks

Studies show that remaining in the same seated position, where it is working on paper or a computer, does not promote productivity. While your employees will continue to plug away at their work without taking a break, they will be doing less and less with each passing hour.

It is best to allow for five to ten-minute breaks every hour. Encourage your employees to get up, use the bathroom, get a glass of water and stretch their legs. They will return from that five or ten minute break refreshed, and ready to put in their best effort for the next 50 or 60 minutes.

  1. Offer Constructive Feedback

It can be frustrating when your employees are not doing what you requested, or they are doing it the wrong way. If you are unhappy with the results, or the speed of someone’s work, offer them constructive criticism. Yelling and scolding has its place, but it should never be the primary tool to motivate your employees.

Constructive feedback shows an employee they are doing a good job, but it also tells them where improvement is needed. They will leave the conversation with the intent of improving their performance so they can impress you in the coming days and weeks.

  1. Create Ideal Partnerships and Teams

Sometimes all you need to unlock the abilities of your employees is by putting them in the right teams. Instead of having each person of the same mentality in a single team, it is better to divide them up so that different talents are on each team.

When you mix talents and experiences in each team, everyone can learn from each other. It creates a positive atmosphere of learning, cooperation and evolution for your business.

By taking these five steps, you can ensure that your company is in a much healthier position. Happier and motivated employees will deliver better results, and they will promote the right culture within your business.

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