Offsite Backup

Optimise the performance and efficiency of your backup environment.

At teQwise we recognise the importance of business information being adequately protected, rapidly recoverable and highly available. teQwise Vault, our specialised online back-up and disaster recovery system, helps optimise the performance and efficiency of your business continuity strategy.

Automated Safety and Security of Critical Data

Unlike traditional backup systems, teQwise Vault Online Backup is secure, silent and maintenance free. It utilises your Internet connection to safely send data and files offsite to the Vault Online Backup services on a daily basis, for a simple and easily managed storage process.

As there is no one set backup strategy for all organisations, teQwise Vault off-site backup comes as three editions for implementation depending on business continuity requirements.

Vault Offsite Backup

TeQwise Vault Online Backup encrypts your data to ensure your information is secure, and then compresses it to minimise backup time before sending it securely to the teQwise data centre. Data can be backed up on all operating systems and teQwise Vault also has the capabilities to connect to Exchange server mailboxes, mailstores and all major SQL packages, and to facilitate system state and bare metal and virtual (VMware and Hyper-V) backups. For additional backups only the changed files are sent to the teQwise Vault offsite location as the system is version and revision control aware.

Once backed-up, data can be restored at any time via our online teQwise Vault Portal. This user-friendly interface similarly helps maximise information accessibility and enables organisations with multiple sites or agents to easily administer their complete organisation-wide backup strategy.

Vault DR Site

Organisations require a precise strategy for business continuity in a disaster situation. As companies become more reliant on IT having downtime costs organisations time and resources. teQwise Vault DR offsite replication provides organisations the ability to protect active virtualised environments with replication into the teQwise data centre.

The teQwise infrastructure is built on Cisco network and servers and EMC SAN systems. Replication can occur between real-time to every 24 hours depending on recovery and bandwidth availability.

Once online, replicated virtual machines can be hot transferred or brought into production within 30 minutes for cold restoration in a disaster situation. With teQwise Vault DR, companies can now introduce cost effective disaster recovery plans where previously introducing such strategies were outside of organisational budgets.

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