Software Development

Full Stack Software Solution for your business

TeQwise Software Development Features

Full Stack Development

Modernize your business with latest technology on your back-end and front-end of your online services.

Mobile Application Development

Provide easy and secure access to your system and services for your staff and customers through mobile apps.

Desktop Application Development

Cross-platform desktop application for your staff and customers with feature rich experience of your business.

Custom Software Development

Migrate your business to next stage with new products and features for your digital workplace and business

As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly changing the way we work at office and do business, our team is ready to help you to assist to transform your business to next stage by developing new product and services which help you to achieve your business goal by developing custom applications specific to your business needs in this new norm of running businesses.

Web Application Development

Building web portals and online solutions for businesses

As the trend of remote work and online business is accelerating, we can build modern online solution for your business with most appropriate tools and technologies based on your requirements by ensuring secure enterprise grade application with peak performance, low cost and excellent user experience. Currently, we work on PHP back-end with Several front-end choices (JavaScript, AngularJS and ReactJS).

Hybrid/Cross-platform Application

Design, develop, test and deploy cross-platform mobile and desktop applications

One of the major challenges for app developer and businesses is to maintain uniformity across multiple platform where hybrid/cross-platform applications play significant role. Our team can design, develop, test and deploy such cross-platform application on both mobile desktop environment which provide similar user experience throughout the platforms with low development cost. Currently, we develop hybrid mobile application using Ionic Framework and cross-platform desktop application using ElectronJS. Soon, we will be offering native mobile application development for Android and iOS.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Keep your existing system in line with new features and technologies with CI/CD.

In rapidly changing market, adding more features to your existing system and keeping it up to date with new technologies is crucial. So our team ensure new features on your system with continuous integration and continuous deployment using latest tools and methodologies to keep your business with full of services and cutting edge technologies in this competitive market.

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