Telephony & Communications

A single integrated solution; voice, video and data.

Eliminating network complexity and combining all forms of business communications into a single, integrated solution, teQwise’s unified communications technologies enable clients to enter a world of seamless interaction, communication and collaboration.

Unified Communication and Networks

By strategically merging voice (telephone, VoIP), video and IT systems (email, chat, web, conferencing), we provide a platform for employees, business partners and customers to connect in new ways and from any location or device, conducting business in real time and across multiple workspaces.

Our unified communications solutions can help you maximise the benefits of your enterprise communications, accelerating interaction, collaboration and the transmission of key data for improved business processes and overall productivity. A Cisco Premier Certified, Microsoft Certified and 3CX Systems Partner, we can strategise with you and help you understand how these technologies can support your business initiatives.

Real-Time Connectivity

With unified communications, you can send a message on one medium and receive the same communication on another. Users can receive a voicemail message and choose to access it through email or a mobile device, for example, and if the sender is online and accepting calls, they can respond immediately via text chat or a video call. This multi-platform connectivity allows companies to boost connectivity and minimise response times for greater organisational efficiency and responsiveness to customers.

Enhanced Collaboration and Decision Making

Unified communications can enable users to coordinate and collaborate business activities more easily, drawing on any combinations of clients, applications and devices. Using IP based video conferencing allows medium and large organisations to host meetings across multiple locations, for considerable cost savings on travel expenses.

Remote and mobile workers or contractors can be directly connected to central offices via voice and video, making use of IP based desk phones or software based phones on their laptops that provide seamless access to corporate communication tools and business applications, for improved enterprise mobility.

IP Telephony and VoIP

With an IP telephony system, phone reception duties can be shared between sites. Smaller regional offices may direct calls to head office reception for a more professional service and fewer satellite staff. This can help reduce labour costs, and implementation of new IP voice systems can also minimise cabling costs for new sites (as only one cable is required for both telephony and computers).

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