Server and Storage Systems

Increase IT efficiency and business agility through a new approach.

Recognised as standard industry practice in the cost-effective deployment of multiple server systems, servers with virtualisation and SAN systems enables organisations to consolidate their IT resources by increasing their utilisation of existing devices, and providing them with the capacity to execute multiple functions.

Understanding Compute and Storage needs

Businesses today require reliable, feature-rich server systems that provide quick and easy access to critical data at all times. Inefficient systems can substantially inhibit data utilisation and organisational efficiency and pose a significant drain on company IT resources. Drawing on the best and latest server and optimisation technologies.

TeQwise will work with you to develop the right systems solution for your organisation and its current and future business needs, maximising data availability and systems efficiency. The end result is an optimised server environment that will enable you to execute your daily business activities smoothly and with great confidence, also reducing your operating costs.

Efficient Use of Resources

Moving to a virtualised environment allows hardware to be aggregated into a unified pool of IT resources that can be dynamically delivered to systems and applications as needed, and according to fluctuating workloads and network conditions. This enables organisations to boost their utilisation of processing power, decreasing the number of servers and hardware required and delivering savings on space, power, cooling and ongoing support costs.

Thanks to virtualisation, the days of bringing down applications for scheduled server maintenance are over. Using virtual motion technology, entire virtual environments can be transferred to a backup server without disruption, allowing our IT experts to proceed with maintenance or even server replacement without affecting service delivery.

Virtual machines can be more easily and flexibly controlled and configured than physical systems, allowing users to introduce new systems, applications and upgrades in response to changing business needs faster than ever before. Users can provision virtual machines as required without the need for an up-front hardware purchase, and new applications can similarly be delivered in a matter of minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Business Continuity, Backups and Disaster Recovery

Virtualisation and SAN systems can help to safeguard your business continuity, allowing you to securely backup data and quickly recover from unplanned outages. Operating systems and applications can be backed up as a complete unit and replicated to a secondary data centre, ready to be activated in the event of a failure at the primary location.

TeQwise also offers a DR site replication through the use of our own industry leading Compute and SAN infrastrucutre. The system works by replicating data changes from every 5 minutes to 24 hour period to our secure data centre using Cisco network and server infrastructure and EMC storage. Once active, full disaster recovery can be made in real time for hot recovery sites and within 30 minutes for cold recovery.

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