IT Security

Outsourcing Your IT Department Will Save You Money and Headaches

Having an in-house IT department is not only unnecessary, but it is also very expensive. Only the world’s largest companies can afford in-house IT teams, because they have the resources to fit it within their budget. Startups, small, and medium sized businesses must take a different approach. Outsourcing your IT department may sound scary, as you assume there will be…

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IT Tips When Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad for work is always a stressful adventure. While employees are excited to see new countries and experience different cultures, they are heading on the trip for work purposes. And that involves meetings, conferences, and other important tasks that cannot be ignored. Going abroad for business reasons also means carrying multiple electronic devices. A person may have one or…

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How secure is your business data?

In the early days of the internet, hackers would get into networks and websites to show off their hacking skills. Now there is real money involved in these hacks. Whether the hackers are getting into networks to steal funds, or information they can sell, they can do some very real damage if they do get in. The data that your…

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Surviving an IT Overhaul

Businesses are often cautious to make changes, especially when it comes to their IT infrastructure. The caution is understandable. Change costs money, takes time, and it can disrupt processes that are working just fine. However, businesses must also adapt and evolve. The IT systems that were in place five or six years ago are not good enough to keep up…

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