Network Systems

The mission-critical platform on which all operations ride and reside.

Your network is ultimately the mission-critical platform on which all operations ride and reside, and your applications and network infrastructure accordingly represent crucial tools for enhancing user productivity and increasing your organisation’s ability to grow and remain competitive into the future.

Unified Networks

Whether you share files across town or across the world, connecting to a video conference or accessing cloud platforms, waiting for data to be downloaded can cause large delays and lower productivity. teQwise specialises in providing solutions for multisite organisations, offering a wide variety of products that enable businesses to share files and information more efficiently and with a high degree of security and reliability.

Intelligent IP Design

TeQwise can determine where and why your network is operating below standard, and illustrate how to exploit latent capacity and boost system performance, allowing your business to run at peak efficiency. Drawing on our partnerships with Cisco, Juniper and Palo Alto we can integrate a number of simple, scalable mechanisms for managing your network traffic and resource allocation to ease network congestion and better respond to the divergent features and capacity demands of different applications.

Our dynamic routing and switching technologies allow you to prioritise services, switching or adjusting routes and capacity to support critical network traffic and bandwidth-hungry applications, while directing more minimal traffic and capacity to non-critical services.

Wireless Connectivity and BYOD

We can provide seamless, highly secured wireless connectivity options that help your workforce stay connected to business applications without the costs and limitations of complex wiring. Wireless IP phones and other mobile devices can also provide greater device functionality, allowing your staff to roam the office, meeting rooms or other company facilities and external sites, securely accessing company data and rapidly answering customer enquiries.

Greater Managebility

Once deployed stay in tune with your network through our automated teQwise Go Network Monitoring and management system which provides easy and comprehensive systems analysis, health checks and updates, and comprehensive data security.

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