Surviving an IT Overhaul

By March 9, 2018IT Security, Networking

Businesses are often cautious to make changes, especially when it comes to their IT infrastructure. The caution is understandable. Change costs money, takes time, and it can disrupt processes that are working just fine. However, businesses must also adapt and evolve. The IT systems that were in place five or six years ago are not good enough to keep up with the demands of most businesses today.

It is crucial to step out of your IT comfort zone, unless you want your organization to get left behind. There will come a point where most of the network infrastructure must be upgraded. How will you survive this type of IT overhaul? And what is the best way to complete the project?

Why Overhaul the IT Infrastructure?

  • When a business is expanding, it will need more equipment than before. If your company is doubling or tripling in size, the same IT setup will not suffice.
  • Virtualization is such a real option for IT nowadays. Whether it is storing data on the cloud, making improvements so employees can work remotely, or cutting down on the space and cost of the current IT setup, an overhaul will be needed to make these changes.

Migrating to the Cloud

One of the big changes that a company can go through is going from physical servers to storing data on the cloud. Why is cloud storage beneficial? Because it offers the possibility of easy access to the data from any location, better security measures, less costs, and far less physical infrastructure.

Going through such a change will not be painless, but it can be done efficiently and successfully. It is vital to hire a top IT company for the job. Only a specialist organization can help your business migrate from physical servers to the cloud.

The company can offer you different options for cloud storage, talk with you about the necessary security measures to implement, and move the data without compromising its safety.


It is not just the location of your company’s data that may need an upgrade. Your network may be outdated, especially if your employees are frequently complaining about slow speeds or unreliable internet access. The idea that your internet speed and reliability could be bringing down your employees’ efficiency is unthinkable, and must be changed.

The changes will depend on your infrastructure. Upgrading the internal network is enough for some businesses. That process should not take too long, especially when a professional IT company provides the service. But there are instances where the entire internet pipeline may need upgrading. That process can take a lot longer.

Disaster Recovery

Companies are doing more business on the internet than ever before. And that means maintaining an internet connection and access to company data becomes vital to the survival of a business. Having a disaster recovery plan is a must – and getting it sorted as part of your IT infrastructure upgrade is the best solution.

Consult with an IT service provider, discuss your options for disaster recovery plans, and implement the solution that offers the best protection. For instance, your company may want multiple internet connections to run continuously. If one fails, the other will pick up right away. Your cloud backup solution should have a disaster recovery plan built into it too.

Ready for the Future

When you have the support of a top IT company, an overhaul of your company’s IT systems will seem painless. Yes, it will take a few days to get everything sorted. But when the work is complete, you will know that your company is ready to compete in the 21st century economy.

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