What is the difference between copper and fibre NBN Networks?

By February 22, 2018nbn rollout business

Before the nbn, most Australian homes and businesses connected to the internet via their telephone’s copper wire to produce broadband services. But with the current rollout of the nbn across Australia, this has all changed.

NBN fibre is a fixed-line internet that is capable of supporting high bandwidth for multiple users. It’s made from glass and uses light to transmit data over long distances.

NBN fibre reaches you via fibre-optic cable laid either in the ground or coming to your home via overhead lines. This is known as Fibre to the Premise (FttP) or “fibre to the home”. Another type of NBN fibre your home might be connected to is Fibre to the Node (FttN). NBN Co is trialing it and it could connect lots of homes as part of the future rollout. If your home is connected via FttN, copper wires from your home will connect up to the new fibre cable network in your street.


NBN comes in different forms depending on where you live – it’s called the ‘multi-technology mix’. It includes FTTP and FTTN. Some homes and businesses are already connected to the NBN using FTTP technology that reaches you via fibre-optic cable laid either in the ground or coming to your home via overhead lines.

Many Australians will be connected to the NBN using FTTN technology. In this instance, the main network will be composed of new fibre optic cables, and will connect to a premises’ existing copper wiring from a node. A node is a box that usually sits at the end of the street and contains network equipment. The combination of fibre and copper will generally offer much faster and more reliable internet and fixed-line phone connections than the current copper network.


There are lots of reasons why you’ll love an NBN fibre connection. The most obvious benefits are faster internet speeds. With the nbn, you can select just how fast you want your internet to go. If you’re a gamer, or a TV addict who streams the latest shows, you’ll probably want a very fast connection. If you only want basic web browsing and to check emails, having a standard connection will probably suit you just fine.


First things first- give us a call and we’ll see if your business has access to the nbn network yet. If the NBN rollout has not yet started in your area, we can look at alternatives until the rollout happens for you or provide you a dedicated business grade service.

Once the rollout has started in your area, you’ll need to switch to the new network before your old copper connection is switched off (usually within 18 months). NBN Co technicians will be working hard to connect everyone in your area so get in quick to avoid connection wait times, or risk being without home phone and internet while you’re waiting to be connected.

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